Since the classes are designed for both in-person and remote learning, we can find time for the French class at unconventional moments without making them inconvenient.

Wishing to improve your French? Book your private lessons in Paris or remote on the web.

Do you have a busy schedule and frequent business trips that make it impossible for you to attend a French class every week, on the same day, at the same time?
Let’s choose together, class by class, the time slot that suits you.

Do you have a special life in Paris with crazy hours?
Various solutions can be considered: from the early morning class starting at 7 AM to the evening class starting at 8 PM. Everything is possible if we discuss it.

Do you need peace and quiet to fully enjoy your French class?
Let’s schedule it on Saturdays when you’re not working.
Let’s reserve a weekday time slot that will be yours for the entire duration of your training.

As your French Teacher runs a small business, you benefit from the flexibility and responsiveness associated with this type of structure.

Let’s get in touch; we will always find a solution that makes our French class enjoyable for everyone because it will take place when nothing will disturb our time among Francophones.”

Let’s get in touch!

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