It’s not always easy to find time in a busy schedule, yet regular practice is the key to mastering the essential language tools for a successful French course.

Use some spare time for remote French lessons

Slip in an hour of French lessons between meetings, during lunch breaks, or in the evening after unwinding. Yes, an hour may seem long, but consider the time you spend on social media.

Prepare your trip to France

Are you coming to France in a few months? Why wait until you’re here to learn what you’ll use every day in Paris? Start your journey before your arrival so that from the very beginning, you can live in Paris like a native when you go to the bakery, the market, or the café. Parisians will welcome you more warmly.

A different approach to the language challenge

Do you dislike online classes because you find them impersonal? I believe that if you have nothing in common with your French Teacher, then I agree with you; it can be extremely challenging to establish the necessary trust for a quality French course. However, if you’re curious about discovering Paris, if you enjoy deducing grammar rules, in other words, figuring out how to correct an error by understanding the workings of French grammar, if you have an analytical mind and strong concentration abilities, then I can tell you that whether it’s online or in person, you’ll be captivated by the language discovery game, and we can have fun together pushing your French skills to the limit.

During an online lesson, the pedagogical approach is the same as with physical lessons from your French Teacher. Based on what you’ve said, we generate new, more correct or precise sentences using our grammar tools. You’ll see your sentence on the screen along with the grammar tools that help you improve it. The only requirement for it to be enjoyable is to work on at least a tablet or a computer.

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