To offer a course truly tailored to your needs, your French Teacher will first need to identify them.

When was the last time you spoke French and couldn’t express what was on your mind because you lacked the words or the correct grammar tools?


The first part of your French course (the “Speak”) will allow you to relive this situation through role-playing. Don’t think about grammar; speak as best you can, make mistakes, trip over words, abuse the French language, but make yourself understood.

Meanwhile, your French Teacher will transcribe what you say and begin structuring the second part of your French course by selecting grammar tools that match your level and could help you express what you need to say in French simply and correctly.


The second part of your French course (the “Correct”) will bridge the gap between what you need to say and the grammar point that can provide a solution. We will together explore how the grammar point can become a tool at your service in mastering French, and we will collaboratively craft a new sentence to correct what you had in the Speak section.

After your French course, you can log in to your personal space where a fill-in-the-blank exercise created from your corrected sentences awaits you. This way, you can review your own conversation, relying on the correct grammar tools.

Your personal space will also grant you access to a wide selection of grammar exercises as you know them. They have been selected from the most reputable grammar books. Furthermore, depending on your level, you will have activities that allow you to work independently before your French course, ensuring that you can handle various situations correctly in French during your time with your French Teacher.

Course after course, we refine your French, and you start to become familiar with the grammar tools that suit your level. Piet Mondrian would have drawn his lines hundreds of times before reaching the final result. Like an artist, you will need to use and reuse your grammar tools until you can do so spontaneously, naturally, and enjoyably. You must become a Francophone; you must master the art of thinking in French.

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