Your French Teacher must understand who you are to design French courses you will love.

French courses to manage professional situations

French course are designed to manage professional situation because of her back ground. With an educational background in economics, I completed my student journey with an MBA. I held various positions in the fields of IT, banking, and cosmetics before joining a startup as the head of sales administration and later as the training manager as the company grew. Through this experience, I have dealt with various communication situations in French in a professional context. Today, this expertise in professional French allows you to use your French course to prepare for your participation with your French Teacher before a meeting. Speaking in front of 50 people? Presenting a telecommunications giant’s strategy? Defining performance indicators? Managing a budget? These are all professional communication situations that have been addressed during French lessons.

French course where you focus on your life in Paris

Paris is undeniably a magnificent city, but I believe that what makes it truly magnificent is discovering it with the fresh and curious eyes of a traveler. This perspective, or the traveler’s attitude, is ultimately what I constantly seek. In fact, I love having my backpack, passport, and time ahead of me. I have had the opportunity to visit Peru, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico, India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Senegal in this way. The list is not complete; my upcoming destinations, if the geopolitical situation allows, will include East Africa, Iran, Egypt, and the entire Mediterranean region. All travelers, expatriates, and those arriving in a foreign country ask the same questions and go through the same emotions. I am familiar with this phenomenon from my experiences in Mexico and India. As your French teacher, I can become the person you talk to about what you love and dislike in Paris and with Parisians, but be prepared to do it in French.

French course where we can learn and visit

In Paris, I enjoy visiting museums and I like to offer moments where we become two tourists. It’s not about providing a guided tour of Paris; I’m not a tour guide. Instead, you talk to me as if I were a friend with whom you are exploring a beautiful city, and you do it exclusively in French. This stroll becomes a French lesson because when you return home, you have the corrections for everything you said, as well as the grammar points you may have missed to express your impressions effectively. Moreover, I have lived in Paris for over 25 years, which has given me ample time to explore my city and gather numerous anecdotes that will make this tour of Paris even more magical.

I hope we can create moments that allow you to practice speaking, understanding, dreaming, and persuading in French.

French courses with qualified french teacher

Since 2009, I have been working as a French Teacher in Paris. Holding a Master’s degree in language education, I am also well-versed in the DELF DALF diplomas as I served as an examiner for 5 years. To enhance my skills as a French Teacher, I have explored the use of digital tools in pedagogy and have designed course materials that you can find in your personal space. A French lesson is no longer just a moment for grammar exercises; it is a time when you identify what you need to study after the lesson. Your French Teacher’s role is to assist you in this process. After your French lesson, you begin your work of grasping the grammar tools and vocabulary used during the lesson. You have access to a fill-in-the-blank exercise on your mobile device that revisits our conversation, a summary of grammar sheets that helped us correct or enhance your French, and recordings of these sentences for phonetic practice. If you need to write to memorize, take quizzes. If you need to listen to memorize, listen to the audio of your corrected conversations.

French course where you feel good

Being a French Teacher is the most beautiful profession I have ever pursued. There must be a genuine trust between the learner and their French Teacher. I understand that learning a foreign language as an adult is not easy. For me, the training process is like a journey that I undertake with the learner. I take them to areas of their French that they have not yet explored. I invite them to see the world through the eyes of a Francophone. Thinking in French means becoming someone else because your interactions with Parisians will be different when you speak in French. There will be frustration when basic errors resurface, which is normal because knowing the rule does not automatically give you the ability to use it correctly. There will also be laughter and enjoyment when you successfully manage a situation in French from start to finish. Finally, there will be encounters. We will spend between 5 and 50 hours together, so we will get to know each other because our French lessons will not consist of sanitized textbook scenarios. They will be slices of life, yours and ours, that we will examine with the help of grammar so that you can tell your life story in French to your colleagues after the lesson.

See you very soon.

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